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Your AI-powered study buddy. For only $1 per month,™ helps you achieve better results in school.


We’ve all felt the stress of struggling with homework leading up to a deadline, and sometimes we feel the need of a genius study buddy. is at your service - helping you take on any challenge you get from school, from history to science, from mathematics to geography, and even philosophy and art.

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Writing partner

Writing partner

Our AI technology will help you write, polish your grammar and tonality, even brainstorm ideas. Enter a prompt or existing paragraphs and™ will sharpen your text.
Math helper

Math helper

Get guidance and answers to all your challenging math problems. Enter your equation and™ will instantly break the solution down step by step for you.
Problem solver

Problem solver

Find the solution to any type of problem you may have. Enter your question and how long you want the answer to be and™ will provide a unique answer instantly.

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